Health and Wellness Consulting to Businesses, Governmental Agencies, Organizations, Schools and Professional Organizations.

Consulting Fees: $550 per hour; $295 per 1/2 hour; $165 per 15 minutes.

The economic well being of small and large businesses, governmental agencies, organizations, schools and other professional organizations are greatly effected by the health and contentment of their employees and members. The increasing costs of health insurance for these bodies and loss of work productivity of employess and members do to many preventable health problems and chronic diseases makes it not only good economic sense, but a great employee/member benefit to have simple educational programs intact for busy employees, members, executives and organization administrators to be and stay well.

Kirk’s two online programs may be purchased in bulk discounts for business employees or organization members:

“Kirk’s 21 Day Healthy Living Program for Busy People” at

“Krik’s 21 Day Healthy Living Program for Business Travelers” at

The Staying Healthy In The Fast Lane one lecture overview, or, a series (Staying Healthy Today Series), can provide simple tools from the TRIAD Wellness approach (pages 133-209, “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane”), or the “9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health” for help employees to “stay and be well” and work with more energy and clarity.

– Staying Healthy in a Busy World in “9 Simple Steps”

– Kirk 21 Day Healthy Living Programs for “Busy People” or “Business Travelers”

– Conquering Cholesterol – How to Do It Better Without Drugs!

– Eat More and Weigh Less – Why ‘Nutrient Density’ is Your Best Friend!

– Why Relying on Health Insurance Can Make You Sicker! Creating Your Own Health and Life Insurance Program – It’s as Easy as Saying 1, 2, 3!

– Why You Should Be Thankful Former President Clinton Has Heart Disease – Learn How To Reverse the Number #1 Killer and Create REAL Healthcare Reform!

– Diabetes No More! How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes and Prevent Type 1!

– Improving Memory and Cognition While Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

– Reducing Your Risk to Breast Cancer and What to Do if You Get It.

– Prostate Cancer – How to Prevent It! What to Do if You Get It!

– The Calcium Paradox – Why More Calcium and Dairy Won’t Stop Bone Loss? What You Can Do!

– Eating Out in the Fast Lane – How To Do It, Enjoy It and Still Stay Healthy!

– Food Addiction and Toxic Hunger – How to Beat Them with Your Fork!

– How to Diagnose and Treat Your Own Food Allergies

Other consulting services for businesses/organizations include assessment and recommendations of the work-site environment focusing on creating an atmosphere that promotes health in simple cost-effective ways.

Simple one time motivational talk on health promotion to employees/members can reap dividends for the employer/administrators and employee/member. (Copy of “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane” included for each participant).

Individual or small group Health Coaching is available for employees (and employers) upon request.

All consultations provide simple, practical, time-effective approaches (including handouts) that have been used successfully for three decades in a prevention oriented medical practice.

*** Individual Corporate printings or bulk sales (at significant per unit discounts) of Kirk Hamilton’s book Staying Healthy In The Fast Lane: 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health and REAL Healthcare Reform. Order by emailing Kirk Hamilton at

This a unique, cost efficient way to educate your company/organization, your clients and use this outstanding resource as a positive impact marketing tool while contributing to the environment and helping needy people. Each book that Kirk sells either in bulk or individually results in a donation 25 cent donation to the International Water and Health Alliance that teaches local communities in developing countries not only how to purify their water, but as important, how to locally test their water for impurities and truly correct the problem.

Consulting Fees: $550 per hour; $295 per 1/2 hour; $165 per 15 minutes.

For further information email Kirk Hamilton at or call .